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Our clients for wooden shipping cases includes the Military Government, Biotech, Sports, Engineering, IT, as well as many other manufacturers looking for custom wooden shipping cases.
We specialize in the Trade Show Industry. If you need one custom case or hundreds, we can help you. Call us or email us and one of our sales representatives would be more than willing to assist you!

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We Deliver Custom Cases According to Your Need

Here at Sense Case we provide many choices when it comes to price and custom case type. We can make full blown ATA flight cases with all the bells and whistles, multi-color choices, the works! Making high- end cases is a passion of ours and we love to show them off, but we realize not everyone needs this type of case. If your situation doesn’t require a “battle worthy” case, we offer different design levels that will meet your particular need and budget. If you’re not sure what type of case your situation calls for, give one of our highly experienced case specialists a call.

wooden shipping cases
wooden shipping cases

If It Can Be Carried Or Shipped
We Can Build A Wooden Shipping Case For It.

Sense Case is in the business of making you more successful through innovative equipment trunks, wooden cases and more for business needs. We know that when your presentation or technical equipment is adequately protected from abuses of traveling and shipping, you will work more effectively and with greater confidence.

wooden shipping cases

Experts in our Field

Our factory has been manufacturing and supplying woodden shipping cases and custom cases in a variety of styles & colors for decades. We can customize to any product specification for items including guitar cases, amp cases, DJ Cases, keyboard cases, drum cases, mixer cases & more.We offer a number of construction levels in the manufacturing process from heavy duty ATA flight cases, Target shipping cases and a variety of other custom cases to meet every need and budget.